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October 02, 2020

Full-day Tour to Bandung

bandung-small-1.JPGBandung, the capital city of West Java province is a large city in amid volcanoes and tea plantations, with a relatively cool tropical weather. Bandung is widely known as the legacy of colonial building applying the art deco architectural designs. Bandung which is also known as the host of the Asian-African Conference held in 1955, is located in the southeast of Jakarta with a distance of approximately 140 km. The trip to Bandung from Jakarta will take a full one day by bus. Several destination places are : Museum Geologi, Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika, and Saung Angklung Mang Udjo (the centre and workshop of tradisional bamboo musical instrument).  



Museum Geologi

bandung-small-2.JPGMuseum Geologi was established in 1928. After several renovations the Museum was finally reopened and inaugurated in 2000. The Museum stores and manages abundant geological materials, such as fossils, such as fosills, rocks and mineral which were all collected during the escavation and fieldworks in Indonesia since 1850. Museum Geologi is closely related with the geological history and mine in all over sites in the Archipelago starting from the mid of the 17th era by the European experts.  


Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika

bandung-small-3.JPGThe Asian-African Conference was a historical moment of the Indonesian history in which the Indonesian was able to conduct the international conference taking place in Bandung in 1955. Through this Conference, Indonesia achieved great success in unifying attitude and a co-operation amongst the Asian-African nations. Indonesia also succeeded in building order and in unifying the cooperation to united. This building stores the documents and memorabilia of the Asian-African Conference. In 1980 this building was inaugurated as the museum and open for public.  


Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, is the name of the center of bamboo crafts, and workshops of musical instruments from bamboo. Founded by an artist namely Udjo Ngalagena in 1966, the place is also a learning center to preserve the culture of Sunda, namely angklung.  


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