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August 10, 2020
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General Vendor Policy of Bank Indonesia is as follows:

1.    Prospective vendors, both corporate and individual, domiciled in or outside of Indonesia, are required to register through the e-Procurement application.
2.     Prospective vendors must meet all registration requirements before submission to the qualification process in accordance with prevailing regulations at Bank Indonesia.
3.     Prospective vendors at Bank Indonesia must meet the following requirements:
a.   technical and managerial expertise, experience and competence in the corresponding business field;
b.    human resources, capital, equipment and other facilities required as a vendor; and
c.     free from outstanding legal proceedings that could impair procurement.
4.     Prospective vendors must maintain at least one business line.
5.    Vendors are required to update existing data and confirm any changes in the data/documents with the Vendor Management Work Unit (applicable to changes in data/documents with a validity period, such as domicile of origin, contact data, SIUP, TDP, certificates and/or other information as required by Bank Indonesia).
6.     A vendor will be excluded from the procurement process at Bank Indonesia upon failure to update existing data.
7.     Procurement must comply with prevailing vendor management regulations at Bank Indonesia.
8.     Seeking to improve procurement performance, Bank Indonesia will evaluate vendor performance based on specific criteria, including quality, timeliness, compliance and services.
9.     The evaluation is used to determine vendor status, namely satisfactory, unsatisfactory or under sanctions.
10.   If a vendor is considered unsatisfactory, Bank Indonesia reserves the right to exclude the vendor from the subsequent procurement process.
11.   Bank Indonesia reserves the right to reject a vendor if:
a.     A vendor acting as a broker or intermediary does not provide value-added;
b.     A vendor violates prevailing regulations at Bank Indonesia;
c.    A vendor has not been approved by Bank Indonesia or remained inactive for the past three years.
12.  The results of the Vendor Registration evaluation will be forwarded by email to the vendor.  The decision based on the evaluation results represents an inviolable right.
13.   Bank Indonesia collects no fees for the vendor registration process.
14.  Bank Indonesia reserves the right to refine, add or remove the provisions contained on this website without prior notice.
Document Verification and/or Vendor Qualification Process
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