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October 26, 2020

EMEAP ITDM Past Events


EMEAP ITDM Time Location Special Topic
The 15th EMEAP ITDM October 2016 Jeju System Resiliency
The 14th EMEAP ITDM October 2015 Shanghai Data Governance
The 13th EMEAP ITDM October 2014 Sydney Demonstrating The Health of IT Through Metrics and Scorecard
The 12th EMEAP ITDM October 2013 Kuala Lumpur Consumerisation of IT in The Enterprise – Impact and Our Readiness
The 11th EMEAP ITDM September 2012 Wellington IT Project Management
The 10th EMEAP ITDM September 2011 Singapore RTGS Systems - Current State and Future Directions
The 9th EMEAP ITDM August 2010 Bangkok Information System for Central Bank Core Functions
The 8th EMEAP ITDM September 2009 Hangzhou Software Quality Management and Assurance
The 7th EMEAP ITDM June 2008 Tokyo IT Standardization
The 6th EMEAP ITDM September 2007 Cebu Future of The EMEAP ITDM
The 5th EMEAP ITDM August 2006 Bali IT Infrastructure and Operation
The 4th EMEAP ITDM August 2005 Seoul How Central Banks Electronically Interface to The Outside World
The 3rd EMEAP ITDM April 2004 Beijing IT Governance
The 2nd EMEAP ITDM March 2003 Sydney
  • RTGS Systems in Member Banks/Authorities
  • Risk Management From an IT Perspective
  • Security policy
The 1st EMEAP ITDM February 2002 Tokyo Introduction of Each Member’s IT Organization, Systems, Networks, and Applications Including Recent IT Development


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