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October 26, 2020

Voyage to Indonesia



Series of events commencing the IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018 are interwoven under the theme, namely “Voyage to Indonesia” (VTI). VTI is also one of the efforts to optimize the benefits for Indonesia as a host country. Looking at the essence of VTI, the word Voyage means ‘journey to a new place or discovery’. This particular theme is chosen as AM 2018 will be utilized as a platform to introduce “The New Indonesia”, Indonesia which has done a wide range of reforms, is far stronger dealing with domestic or global shocks, and records higher economic growth which, most importantly, happens to be inclusive.

Series of events starting from 2016 until AM 2018, are hoped to raise awareness and bring the world attention to Indonesia and Asia, especially Southeast Asia as a dynamic economy that can also give positive contribution to the global economy. In this context, Asia and Indonesia’ success story in implementing reforms can also be an example towards the other countries, not only developing countries, but also developed countries that are in need of doing structural reforms to fully recover from 2008 global financial crisis.

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