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August 15, 2020


“Building Pathways for Policy Making with Big Data”
Bali, 26 July 2018
Programme and Annotated Agenda
Gala Dinner (pre-event, 25 July 2018, 19:00 – 21:00)
​     Registration and Morning Coffee (08:00 – 09:00)


Opening Remarks, Member of Bank Indonesia Board of Governors (09:00 – 09:30)
Welcoming Remarks, Claudia Buch, Chair of the IFC and Vice President of the Bundesbank (video message, 09:30 – 09:45)
Session 1 (09:45 – 12:00): “Big Data: New Insights for Economic Policy”
Chair: James Yetman (TBC), Principal Economist, BIS Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific, Hong Kong
·       Gabriel Quiros, Deputy Director, Statistics Department, IMF
·       Paul Robinson, Head of Advanced Analytics, Bank of England
·       Naruki Mori, Associate Director-General, Research and Statistics Department, Bank of Japan
Session overview:
Big Data has become more relevant in recent years for policy makers and official statistics. The 2nd session will discuss about the important role which Big Data innovation play in improving the quality of economic analysis and research. The panelists will first give a short presentation, and continued with discussion guided by moderator.
Issues for Discussion:
·       What additional values does Big Data bring to economic policy making?
·       How do policy makers obtain, manage, and analyze Big Data?
Lunch Break (12:00 – 13:30)


Session 2 (13:30 – 15:30): “Exploiting Big Data for Sharpening Financial Sector Risk Assessment”
Chair: Filianingsih Hendarta, Assistant Governor, Head of Macroprudential Policy Department, Bank Indonesia
Proposed speakers:
·       David Roi Hardoon, Chief Data Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore
·       Iman van Lelyveld (TBC), Senior Policy Advisor, De Nederlandsche Bank
·       Sanjiv Das, Professor, Santa Clara University
·       Kimmo Soramaki, CEO and Co-founder, Financial Network Analytics
Session overview:
The objective of this session is to discuss how Big Data empowers financial sector research and surveillance. Discussion will delve into use cases that are already applied in solving real problems and extending conventional methodologies. The panelists will first give a short presentation, and continued with discussion guided by moderator.
Issues for Discussion
·       What are potential Big Data sources for financial sectors?
·       What are the Big Data use cases in financial sectors?
·       How does Big Data empower financial sector research and risk assessment?
Session 3 (15:30 – 17:15): Panel Discussion “How Do Central Banks Use Big Data to Craft Policy?”
Chair: Yati Kurniati, Executive Director, Head of Statistics Department, Bank Indonesia
Proposed panelists:
·       Per Nymand-Andersen, Adviser to Senior Management, ECB
·       Renaud Lacroix, Director, Engineering and Statistics Project Management, Statistics Department, Banque de France
·       Robert Kirchner, Deputy Director General Statistics, Deutsche Bundesbank
·       Bruno Tissot, Head of IFC Secretariat and Head of Statistics and Research Support, Bank for International Settlements
Session overview:
The objective of this session is to share recent progress in Big Data implementations in central banks. Panelists will discuss Big Data adoption as a powerful tool for central bank policy making, and in particular the strategic challenges faced along the way and how to overcome them.
Issues for Discussion:
·       To what extent is Big Data adopted in central banks around the world?
·       At a high level, what Big Data use cases are implemented by central banks?
·       What are main challenges central banks should expect in implementing Big Data?
·       What are the next strategies that central banks need to apply to keep up with the rapid developments in Big Data?
Concluding Remarks (17:15 – 17:30)
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