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October 01, 2020


Short-term Impact
The cost of hosting IMF-WB AM 2018 is worth spending, knowing the potential of foreign exchange reserve gains from the spending of all participants prior, during, and post IMF-WB AM 2018. The potentials are coming from:

  • Meetings (Private Sector)
  • Transportation & Accomodation
  • Foods & Beverages
  • Shopping & Entertainment
  • Tourism (Nature & Culture)

Long-term Impact
The long-term impacts that are resulted from hosting the IMF-WB AM 2018, they are:

  • Knowledge-transfer
    Lessons on hosting international event
  • Trade and Investment
    The exposure of local products and investment opportunities as well as trade transaction
  • Tourism
    The increasing number of tourists to top 10 main destinations in Indonesia
  • Leadership
    Indonesia’s leadership in hosting international event and discussing global issues
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