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July 11, 2020
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FAQ Topics

1.  Q:  What is the mechanism in the case of IDI data dispute?
A:  Data sources are provided by the reporters of SID: commercial banks, rural banks and financing companies. BI only manages the data into BI database and cannot make any modification on the data. Data correction can only be conducted through correction by SID reporter. For more information visit BI website (Credit Bureau) at http://www.bi.go.id
2.  Q:  Will it be possible for the public to know banking NPL?
A:  Banking statistic data can be accessed at BI website with the following address: http://www.bi.go.id.
3.  Q:  The debtor has been written-off, but the bank extending credit still requires the information on mother’s maiden name. Why?
A:  In order to increase SID data accuracy, all reporters are required to complete their data. The question regarding mother’s maiden name of debtor who has been written-off is also related to the effort to increase data completeness.
4.  Q:  Is it possible for a Debtor with non-performing loan to use his/her other account to cover the loan?
A:  All information related to fund provision conducted by the Reporters, are reported to SID. IDI verification is, among other, used in the decision making of fund provision. Each decision taken is under the full responsibility of each Reporter.
5.  Q:  Will the debtor receiving credit from Bank located abroad be also reported to SID?
A:  Offices of Commercial Banks that are eligible to become SID reporters are main office, branch office, Sharia unit, branch office of foreign banks as well as sub branch office of foreign banks including banks conducting operational activities abroad. Credit from Bank located abroad will not be reported to SID; however, the data related to this credit will be registered in other BI system.
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